Ljiljana Drezga

The condensed colorite, boiled down to coldish and murky, deep sound and rich of the resonant brown tones, bluish and grayish green colors, provides Drezga paintings with characteristic intimacy.

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The center of her world is woman, while man is a being at the periphery of our human fate. The female body is luscious and vital here, while the male body is like that of a praying mantis male - it is dried, dark and reduced to the sheer anatomy, up to the skeleton.

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The impasto also puts her in the center of this neo-expressionistic world of abstraction, the woman as a dramatic form that is sufficient to her for expressing her whole experience of the world.

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In that painter's cataclysm a real expressionist drama is taking place; we are witnessing conscious and unconscious existence, and a violent erotic energy, but most of all, Mrs. Ljiljana Drezga exposes to us her temperamental determination to devote herself, without looking back, to an uncertain adventure of their feminine wildness in a maelstrom of instinctive picturesque existence. stamp image

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Born on October 15, 1947 in Belgrade. Art education at the “Academia de Pitman belias de artes”. What she wanted to say, visually could not be said without a language of iguration, even though the iguration itself would vulgarize its vision and deprive it of metaphysical content.

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The woman, her mind full of worry, is imagining what its birth would be like. The child, just like the women and the skeleton - man, is drawn in pencil. The very kiss of the skeleton - man is so tender that we forget all about his apperance. Here, he could also represent the Angel of Death puttiing the woman mind at rest.

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